Squishies: the latest productivity hack. Really!

Let's face it. It's hard to stay focused these days. In fact, you probably received 10 notifications on your phone as you read those two sentences. That's fine if you're chilling by the pool or having your morning coffee, but during your 9 to 5 you need to focus. Enter squishies.

I know, squishies are for kids, right? Yes…and no. While kids love these incredibly satisfying foam doodads, adults are finding them to be a useful tool in being more productive at work. Annaliese Griffin, writing for Quartz, says:

Writing is a lonely task. It’s just you, the empty page, and your thoughts. All the snacking and emailing I do is an attempt to fill that void and feel a bit less alone with myself. Yet somehow having a strawberry [squishy] and a backup peach in drawer—ready to squish whenever I get stuck—makes it easier to stay present in my task. It’s not just me sitting here. It’s me and my squishy.

Go ahead and read the whole article. We'll wait…

OK. Welcome back!

As Annaliese points out, squishies aren't about burning off energy or fidgeting. Instead, they give us a soft, satisfying, tactile experience we're missing in our cluttered lives filled with glass and metal devices. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

If you're ready to bring a little calm and focus to your workday, check out our growing selection of squishies. We even have the strawberry and peach Annaliese mentions in her article. ≧◡≦